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Welcome to the Stram web site!

This is a site primarily for a family with, you guessed it, the surname of Stram.  The family has been from Michigan for most of the past 90 years and traces ancestry to Sweden and Europe, with some stops in Illinois and Pennsylvania.  

I'm Steve Stram and the self appointed webmaster.  One of eight children to Carl and Olga Stram.  Family home was in Detroit until 1963 and then Lincoln Park, where some of the family still live.  

Rest of the clan were Kathy, Jean, Nick, Theresa, Anna, Pete and Carl.  All four boys spent time in the service; Army, Navy and Air Force.  Nick and I got married and all four girls got married. Carl (jr.) returned from Virginia to Michigan in 2003 and Jean lives in Indiana.  Rest still reside in Michigan.

Carl (Sr.) passed away in January of 2009.  Olga passed away in 1998.

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